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Last 3 meetings
8/22/17Meeting OA - 19 VI/2014-2019 takes place at 5:00 PM in kleiner Sitzungssaal Rathaus for: OrdnungsausschussOADetails for meeting OA - 19 VI/2014-2019
Frontsheet - 122Kb - pdfICS File
8/17/17Meeting Ath - 19 VI/2014-2019 takes place at 6:30 PM in Gemeinde/ Feuerwehr Athenstedt for: Ortschaftsrat AthenstedtOR AthenstedtDetails for meeting Ath - 19 VI/2014-2019
Frontsheet - 110Kb - pdfICS File
8/16/17Meeting Eml - 19 VI/2014-2019 takes place at 6:30 PM in DGH Emersleben for: Ortschaftsrat EmerslebenOR EmerslebenDetails for meeting Eml - 19 VI/2014-2019
Frontsheet - 110Kb - pdfICS File
Next 3 meetings
8/23/17Meeting KA - 18 VI/2014-2019 takes place at 5:00 PM in Ausstellungsraum "Moderne Vogelmaler" for: KulturausschussKADetails for meeting KA - 18 VI/2014-2019
Frontsheet - 119Kb - pdfICS File
8/24/17Meeting StA - 27 VI/2014-2019 takes place at 5:00 PM in Ratssitzungssaal for: StadtentwicklungsausschussSTADetails for meeting StA - 27 VI/2014-2019
Frontsheet - 114Kb - pdfICS File
8/29/17Meeting HA - 19 VI/2014-2019 takes place at 5:30 PM in Ratssitzungssaal for: HauptausschussHADetails for meeting HA - 19 VI/2014-2019
Frontsheet - 144Kb - pdfICS File

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